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About Us

Venue on Lake Lily enjoys rich history of community engagement. Here is where neighbors come to celebrate, learn, socialize, and, more importantly, make lasting memories.

Originally known as The Maitland Civic Center, we are a private 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing facilities for the civic, religious, literary, charitable, educational, social and recreational interests of Maitland residents and businesses.

Since our founding in 1965, we have taken pride in performing our services without relying on funding from The City of Maitland.

Current Officers:
President and Chairman of the Board ~ Renee Charlan
Vice President ~ Howard Schieferdecker
Secretary ~ Jonnie May Warner
Treasurer ~ Ed Hampden

Justin Brownlee
Ashley Green Moore
Jim Panico
Mark Terry
Kim Valdez
Benjamin Wurtzel

Executive Director:
Les Callahan

Our History
Founded and funded in the 1960s by individual residents, The Venue on Lake Lily, also known as the Maitland Civic Center, has thrived for decades as the epicenter of social, civic, and cultural life in Maitland. As with all places that enjoy rare tenure, The Venue on Lake Lily is continuing its journey as a vital member of the community by exploring ways to evolve and redefine its purpose, position, and promise.

Our Mission
Our mission is to identify trends that can be used to activate and market Venue on Lake Lily while reframing its time-tested place as an invaluable community asset for generations to come. We seek to celebrate its history, charm, and future while aiming to ensure that the Venue’s promise touches all ages and maximizes its reach to inspire new members, supporters, and patrons.

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